Giraffe Promotions was born in January 2011. After being laid off work, Glen's desire was to work from home to be closer to family and have more flexibility (running our business from overseas when seeing family is a definite plus). With Glen's background in being an Operations Director and Penelope in Marketing, this seemed like a good fit (and it has been amazing!)

The Dynamic Duo

Glen Atkinson

CEO. Graphic Designer. Operations Director. All Around Amazing Husband & Dad.

American born Glen is the heart of the business. He is the Operational core of getting your idea to production and delivery. Detailed orientated in operations and very versed in graphic design. In his spare time he is an amazing handyman who can make anything! He also loves to spend time with people, hiking, camping, traveling, serving others and loves the Lord!

Penelope Atkinson

Owner. Marketing Consultant. Web Designer. Video Director. Fun Wife & Mum.

British born Penelope has a background in marketing, video and web design. She is an actor, acting coach and directs videos for Youtube channels or web. She consults in your marketing strategy. In her spare time she love to counsel, spend time loving on people, reading, acting, hiking, camping, traveling and is a Christian who loves living in the power of Jesus!

Additional Staff


Rascal came to us in January 2011. He was 6 weeks old and was found wandering around Newport Beach. Picked up by Police, he eventually arrived at our house. He was a needed companion at the time of our lay off and has been under our working desks ever since!


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