7 tips for Social Media Posting

“What should I post on Facebook?”

Another selfie? REALLY?

I am often asked, as a social media expert, what to post, when, why, how… etc.

Or I get people asking is it necessary to show your latte, or food you just ate?

I don’t have the room to answer all those in this blog but what I will say is that your primary goal is for engagement. You want people to engage. Instead of constantly blasting them with 'this is what I do and buy from me' posts, put in things of interest, educational, informational. Items that will increase their knowledge and something they feel you are giving to them. Humor is also a great pull.

Here are a few pointers on WHAT to post:

1. Always think of your audience

If your audience is a fitness group or page, then pictures of your changing body and healthy food is applicable.

2. Engagement

Start a conversation. Get them answering a question, even if it seems frivolous. People need time to play and they love to give their opinion. Give them life hacks in whatever is your genre.

3. Variety

Even your biggest fan wants to see something different. Change it up on a weekly basis.

4. Multi-Media

Use photos and videos! Videos are much more likely to be clicked on and commented on (just make sure it’s under 2 mins). People love videos.

5. Tag

Tag people and businesses. This widens your circle of influence. Again, think engagement. Remember to # or @.

6. Give back

And similar to the one above, give back. Shout out kudos to a business, a client or friend. Give a referral. Make yourself someone that people can trust.

7. Get Personal

Don’t be afraid to get personal. That doesn’t mean you have to start crying about a break up or whining about your spouse. Share your hikes, camping trip, anniversary or fun things in your life. People do business with people they know, like and trust. Make that connection.

There are a ton more other tips that you can have direct if you sign up for my Marketing Training Program. This custom fit program is a monthly 1 on 1 visit with you online to enhance your marketing campaign and increase your ROI.

Ps. The answer to the first question is: Yes. Post your latest Starbuck item if your audience connects with that.

Image by Thomas Ulrich from Pixabay

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